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Amish Handmade 2-Chamber Bat House

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--Handmade by our Amish Crafter
--Measures 15" H x 7" D x 11" W, including the base

This bat house is handmade and stained by our amish crafter. Made of cedar wood and stained a deep brown, it has 2 chambers for holding bats and is grooved inside to allow bats to hang. Loosening the screws on the side will allow the hinged top to open for easy clean out. There are pre-drilled holes in the bat house for ease in hanging.

Bats need very hot temperatures inside their house (80 to 90 degrees), so you will want to attach the bat house to a tree or building approximately 12 to 15 feet above the ground, and in an area where it receives the morning sun and is shaded during the afternoon.

Placing the house near large supplies of insects is preferred, because bats feed on insects.