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Made in the USA Jigsaw Puzzle - 1000 Pc. - Friends in Autumn

  • $ 1699


--Made in the USA
--24" X 30" Jigsaw Puzzle
--1000 Larger Pieces
--For Ages 12 and Up


An old red barn is reflected in a pond where a pair of labs wade, watched by a cat on the steps of a white farmhouse. Autumn leaves have not yet fallen but you can just imagine the foliage in the crisp fall air. Delight the entire family by bringing home the Friends in Autumn Jigsaw Puzzle; 1,000 pieces of fun and entertainment everyone can enjoy! Enjoy the astonishing work of Fred Swan. Fred Swan is a self-taught artist known for his comforting landscapes of the New England countryside. His art is featured in several famous collections including those of Johnson & Johnson, Malcolm Forbes, and the Vermont Council on the Arts. The Friends in Autumn puzzle is part of a series which also includes: Friends in Spring, Friends in Summer and Friends in Winter. Make sure to collect them all and enjoy the beauty of every season! Art jigsaw puzzles are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy beautiful works of art first hand. Jigsaw puzzles are also used to boost cognitive skills, develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory, and task completion. The White Mountain Puzzles – Friends in Autumn includes 1000 unique interlocking pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. Extra large sized pieces for easy handling. Completed puzzle dimensions: 24 x 30 inches. Every White Mountain Puzzle is proudly manufactured in America with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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