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Amish Baby Quilts & Blankets: New Collection

Amish Handmade Baby Quilts

Amish Handmade Baby Quilts in the Making

Our one of a kind Amish baby quilts and blankets are hand sewn with love. They're perfect for gifts or as a family heirloom. Our handmade Amish baby quilts are made by Lizzie. She is the wife of mother of the Swartzentruber family that we get out baskets from. She cuts the fabric squares that go into the quilts by hand and then pieces them together to create a unique design or type of quilt. The different types of quilts she makes are the bow tie, 3-D square, octagonal, and baby boy sailboat quilt. She sews the pieces together using a push petal sewing machine, since the Amish have no electricity in their homes. She then places batting in the middle and a solid fabric on the back of the quilt. She then makes designs, such as hearts, pretzel rope, interlocking chains, using a template that she places on the front of the quilt and then uses a pencil to mark the designs. These are then sewn, by hand with small stitches to form the imprint. After that is complete, the entire quilt is bound with a border and totally sewn by hand.


A great amount of love, care, and attention to detail is put into each quilt. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete a baby quilt.

Handmade Sewed & Minky Baby Blankets

Softest Handmade & Sewed Minky Baby Blankets

Our sewed baby blankets are made using two pieces of fabric that are sewn together. The front side is usually done in a cotton quilting fabric and the back is done in flannel or soft, minky dot fabric. You can't beat the softness of each of these blankets, and your infant, baby, toddler, and even your bigger baby will love to cuddle in these soft and oh so luxurious baby blankets. The sewed and minky baby blankets take a lot less time to make than the crochet baby blankets, but they are still sewn with the same attention to detail, and the best part, they are all made in the USA.

Handmade Crochet Baby Blankets

Our Handmade Crochet Baby Blankets (Each Made with Love)

Our crochet baby blankets are crocheted by hand in a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors to fit any use you may have for your nursery, stroller, or lap blanket. They are patterned out and made by the owner of It takes approximately 2 weeks to crochet one baby blanket.

Amish Knot Rugs

Our Amish Knot Rugs Are Made To Last

Our Amish Knot Rugs are made using jelly roll fabric in either cotton, flannel, or denim.  They are handmade and knotted together using a crochet hook.  They are very durable and will last for years to come. Many hours of labor and love are put into each rug. Perfect for use in a nursery or child's bedroom or bathroom.  Machine Wash on a delicate cycle and machine dry or hand or machine wash and lay flat to dry.

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