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Specialty Baskets: New Collection


Our Specialty Baskets Make Great Gifts

This category of Amish Baskets is where you will see the Amish old order craft at work. Here is a bird's eye view of these specialty baskets and how they are created. In this group you will find boat baskets, corner baskets, knitting and sewing storage baskets, melon baskets, organizer baskets, step baskets, wine carrier baskets, toilet paper holder baskets, and waste baskets.

Our boat basket shelf is a basket that you will love. It will add to your antique country decor by providing a little bit of whimsy. It is woven in the form of a canoe boat and has two shelves for adding your most prized possessions. It has a hole in the back for hanging that cannot be seen from the front because of the added wood trim on the front. This basket is available in red-blue accent color or natural color.

Amish Baskets and Beyond corner baskets come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. These baskets are one of our top sellers. 

Our Amish melon baskets are entirely woven and come in three sizes; small, medium, and large, and all five accent colors. Many people buy these for gathering eggs or even for Easter baskets. Step baskets make the perfect storage item for your steps. Many moms love these baskets as a way to clean up toys and then carry them up to the child's room. This basket is available with a swinging handle and comes in a wide or regular width.

At Amish Baskets and Beyond we offer storage baskets that are great for use as an organizer for pencils, pens, notepads, or for picnic utensil storage. For the bathroom we offer two different shaped waste baskets; oval and square, and a toilet paper holder basket. The waste baskets are available in natural color only, but the toilet paper holder baskets are available in all five accent colors.

Specialty Baskets: Welcome
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