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Amish Baskets: New Collection


Each Handmade With Love

Our Amish Baskets are all handmade with love by our old order Swartzentruber family in Ohio, USA. They are created one by one with quality craftmanship and attention to detail.
The art of basket weaving is passed down from generation to generation and is a way to earn an income, while maintaining their quiet, faith filled life of service to God and community.

Each basket that is sold through is individually handmade and is signed and dated on the bottom for authenticity and to certify it to be of heirloom quality construction.

Our baskets have solid oak wood bottoms, lids, knobs, handles, and trays. The only baskets that do not have solid oak bottoms, but are fully woven, are our melon baskets. These baskets come in five different accent colors and three different sizes; small, medium, and large. The rest of the basket is woven using organic wood reeds. The baskets come in five accent colors: blue, green, red, wine, and natural. Natural meaning the basket is woven without any accent color in the middle. The accent color portion of the basket is colored using RIT dye. The baskets are then stained, using organic wood dye in red oak/yellow oak combination color. The Swartzentruber Amish baskets are organic, eco friendly, and non toxic; thus, the use of dye versus stain, which has an odor.

All stationary handles are woven completely into the construction of the basket so there is no chance the handle coming off over time. The swinging handle baskets are mounted onto the woven sides of the baskets and attached using a rivet that makes the handle extremely solid. The top portion of all of our baskets is trimmed with rope and wrapped by a single piece of trim, which is the same color as the accent color portion of the basket. Baskets with lids are woven using a single piece of all natural color, which is the same stain as the basket.

Some of our baskets are made using leather loop handles. These handles, just like the swinging handles, are attached using a rivet, and are made using real leather.

All basket dimensions can be found in the description area of the item you are interested in. The baskets are measured on the outside, not the inside, of the basket. Please keep in mind that each basket you buy from is an individually handmade item, and is not manufactured or processed; therefore, a slight variation of one quarter to one half inch in the basket measurement and a slight variation in accent color can occur.

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