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Kitchen & Storage Baskets: New Collection


Use Our Baskets For Kitchen & Baking Storage

Our kitchen and storage Amish baskets are all woven in the same manner as all of our Amish Baskets. We offer berry baskets, bread baskets, bread box baskets, cookie jar baskets, cracker baskets, fruit baskets, hot dish baskets, cake baskets, lazy susan baskets, napkin baskets, napkin-salt-pepper shaker baskets, peanut baskets, utensil baskets, and our famous pie baskets. The berry basket, bread basket, bread box basket, cookie jar basket, cracker basket, fruit basket, hot dish basket, cake basket, napkin basket, and napkin-salt-pepper shaker basket all come with leather loop carrier handles.

The utensil basket, berry basket, and peanut basket have no handles. Our Amish fruit baskets come in two different sizes: small rectangular and large rectangular. All of our Amish pie baskets make great gifts and are our  best selling basket.

These baskets come in a variety of sizes and forms. We offer a regular size square double pie basket, a large square double pie basket, a single round pie basket, and a round double pie basket. All of these Amish Baskets have swinging handles, except the single pie basket, which has leather loop carrier handles. Learn how each of these pie baskets are made and their uses in the Pie and Picnic Basket section.

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